What is Baiduri Business i-Banking?
Baiduri's Business i-Banking gives you complete control of your corporate banking with round-the-clock transactional capabilities in a secure environment. With our simple and comprehensive features, you can now oversee your corporate financial activities anytime, anywhere.

What do I need to access Baiduri Business i-Banking service?
You will need Internet access and a personal computer with Internet browser software running either Chrome 13.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Safari 5.0 or Internet Explorer 9.0 and above.

Is Business i-Banking Secure?
Business i-Banking uses industry standard 128-bit strong SSL encryption to protect your confidential data in addition to other security features such as unique User ID, Password and a Token for login. An automatic timeout feature will also ensure you are logged out when your account is idle.

You will also require a One-Time PIN (OTP) generated from the token device to make Fund Transfers (local and abroad) and add new beneficiaries prior to making bill payments. On top of that, an authoriser is required to approve the transaction, making Business i-Banking a secure and safe platform for all your corporate financial activities.

How do I register for the Business i-Banking? 
Registration for Business i-Banking is free. Simply download the application form here or visit your nearest Baiduri Bank branch. The following documents are required for registration:

How soon can I use the Business i-Banking?
After successful registration, users will be issued the following items:

Access to Business i-Banking will be activated upon receipt of the signed acknowledgment forms by the Bank, and users will be notified of the activation via SMS.

How many users can a company appoint? 
There is no restriction on the number of users to be appointed.

Can the assigned users access information on accounts of other related companies? 
Yes, the assigned users can have the flexibility of managing the accounts of related companies under one User ID (subject to account mandate).

If the company opens a new account after registering for Business i-Banking, can it be added and viewed on the Business i-Banking?
Yes it can. You can also view your Deposit Accounts, Limit Summary, Loan Summary, Overdraft, Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Inwards Collection, Guarantee Summary, Forex Summary, Corporate Cards and Hire Purchase. Please contact our E-Banking Centre at 244 9666 or email [email protected] for further assistance.


Will the company be charged for making fund transfers?
Fund transfers within Baiduri Bank is free. However, tariff charges are applicable for fund transfers to other banks, local and abroad.

How do I view my debit advice for Telegraphic Transfers?
You can view your debit advice for Telegraphic Transfers under the Outward Telegraphic Transfer Advice service. Do take note that your Telegraphic Transfer Advice will only appear under this menu once the transaction has been processed by the bank and will only be available to view for 15 days only.

Will I be charged for making a bill payment by account?
There are no extra charges made through the Bill Payment by account service.

Will I be charged for making a bill payment by card?
There are no extra charges made through the bill payment by account service. However, both your daily limit and card limit applies to this service. Do note however that this service is only available to Super Users or Sole Proprietors of the company.

Will the company be charged for Multiple Transactions?
Fund transfers within Baiduri Bank and bill payments are free. However tariff charges are applicable for fund transfers to other local banks and abroad within the Multiple Transactions page. Baiduri Bank’s Terms & Conditions apply.

Will the company be charged for payrolls?
Payroll credited to accounts within Baiduri Bank are free. However, tariffs charges are applicable for payroll to another local bank.

Does the company need to have sufficient funds in the account when making future-dated transfer or payment?
Yes, the company must ensure that on the day the future-dated transfer or payment is to be processed, there are sufficient funds in the account.

Is there a cut-off time for fund transfers, bill payments, online applications or cheque book requests submitted via Business i-Banking? 
There is a cut-off time at 11:00 am for transfers to other local and overseas banks. Transactions received from 3:30pm on Friday to Sunday and public holidays will be processed the next working day. Baiduri Bank’s Terms & Conditions apply.

How can a Business i-Banking user be sure that a transaction has gone through? 
All transactions submitted will be subject to review and approval by the user(s) who is/are assigned to perform transaction authorisation. Transactions created will be in pending status until approval is granted.


How long should the User ID be? 
User ID must be 6 to 12 characters long and can be numeric, alphabetical or alphanumerical.

How long should the Password be? 
Password must be 6 to 12 characters long. A good password must be alphanumeric and contain at least one symbol.

Is there any restriction on the number of login attempts? 
Your Business i-Banking service will be blocked after five (5) unsuccessful consecutive login attempts. Click the 'Forget Password?' link on the login page to reset your password.

What should I do if my Token is lost, damaged or stolen? 
Please visit your nearest Baiduri Bank branch to report lost, damaged or stolen token. Replacement charges will apply.

Why do I sometimes experience slow response while trying to access Business i-Banking? 
The slow response could be due to any of the following:

What if I encounter difficulty in accessing Business i-Banking? 
Please contact our E-Banking Centre at 244 9666 or email [email protected]